It was about this time last year that I sat out on my front porch watching a young family move into the house across the street from me. It was a hot and muggy day, much like today, and I watched with fascination as the house came to life. It would be several more weeks till they actually began living there and I would get the chance to meet them. The young man was cutting the grass and his wife was scooping up the massive grass clippings by hand. I took them my rake and introduced myself to Chris and Meghan.

They moved back out this weekend and tonight the house sits lonely and sad, empty once again. I've tried not to look at it but for some reason, I can't not look. I did not know it this time last year, but that young family (2 year old daughter and two awesome dogs) would become a very important part of my life. Helping them move these past few days was pretty tough. I was glad to help them as I have done many times, but I also hated to see them go. They are back where they came from, the Lexington area, but only for a few brief months. Chris will be going into the Army come February and they will once again move, this time further away.

I'm sad tonight as I miss my friends, these very special people that oh so quickly came into my life and disappeared just as quickly. I know that what they have done is for the best but I can't help but be upset that I have lost two people who just seemed to mean more to me than any I had met in years and years. We'll stay in touch and watch our lives change via facebook but from now on, I won't be able to just walk across the street and feel like I am home.