The Last One

My last surviving grandparent died today. My Grandfather was an interesting person but not in the good way. I last saw him at my high school graduation in 1988 and I honestly don't think that I've thought of him since. When I was young, he moved my sweet Grandmother to a retirement community outside of Tampa. She was miserable being so far from her family back in Dayton and for that I could never forgive him. She died a few years after moving there and from that day forward, I had nothing but contempt for everything that he was. I hate to say this but the world is a better place tonight.


xSqueakyx | July 23, 2011 at 1:51 PM

It is sad to see what we often do to our aged loved ones in this country today. It is a pretty recent change though I think, and given how unaffordable that kind of care is becoming, I think we may go back to living as nuclear famiies again soon.