"Keep Louisville Weird"

I was at Kroger tonight and while I was in line, my T-Dar went off loud and clear. No matter how passable someone might think they are, I can usually spot a trans girl a mile away. In this particular case, the girl was very attractive, had a great haircut, had a lot of confidence and had amazing skin. The last part was the tell. You see, she was wearing a top that showed off way too much skin and as a result, her shoulders and upper arms had that masculine tell. No matter how skinny she was, and she was, the shoulders, arms and hands always give you away.

Anyways, I just smiled and thought it was kinda cool that two T-girls would be in the same checkout line. That's when the guy in front of me, a young twenty something who clearly had way too much testosterone flowing through his body, began to chuckle and make jokes with another woman in the line. His money quote was "keep Louisville weird", a play on the movement to support the Louisville institutions that make Louisville what it is. The girl they were making fun of was none the wiser to what was happening behind her and to her credit, the cashier would have none of it. Sadly, I didn't speak up and defend her and for that I feel pretty damn awful.


Anonymous T-Girl | August 22, 2009 at 7:55 PM

You just described my shoudlers, arms and hands.

It sucks.

Someone once gave me a bit of wisdom. You go unnoticed half as much as you think you do, and twice the number of people you think recognize you.

i would have said something if i heard what was going on.

i'm under no delusion about going unnoticed. And i don't give a damn if people do.

Maybe she felt the same.