The Teabaggers Are The Republican Party and Damn They Are a Bunch of Racist

My last post about the right wing in America touched a real nerve with one of my readers. You can go to the comments section to read all about it but to really respond to this inane argument, I need to go all out and this is the result. Anyone who follows politics knows that America is about as polarized as it has ever been. Left and right are doing battle with the survival of this country hanging in the balance. If the left does not prevail here, well, it is the end of this great experiment begun so many years ago. This is not hyperbole or partisan rhetoric here, it is a battle for the survival of this Republic. If we win, America just might survive, if we lose, it really is over and then the world really goes to shit.

Let's take this one argument at a time here and document how my reader is wrong on every single count We'll tackle the racism argument first and tomorrow I'll post on the violence associated with the movement and the fallacy about who they are and what they stand for (hint: They are the Reublican Party). I'll also dive into the battle over defecits and why they don't matter.

1. You use a broad brush paint a picture of dangerous racism over a a bunch of people who want government waste to end and taxes to stop rising, based on some very isolated, and condemned, statements made by a very small number of people. Shame on you.

The teabagger movement is made up of one race and one race only, older white folks. Scan the crowd at any of these rallies and you will not see a face of color anywhere. Now why is this you ask? Well, because they are as blatantly racist as you can possibly get. This past weekend, teabaggers accosted Democrats on Capitol Hill calling them nigger and faggot. One member was spat on and as a result, security for Democrats has been incresed. Make no mistake about this, the teabaggers are mad because the make believe world that they live in isn't as lilly white as they thought it was. The election of a black man to the Presidency has brought out the true colors...

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I could go on and on and on and on and on but you get the picture. Racism hangs heavy over everything the teabaggers do.

These are just a few of the signs featured at Tea Party rallies this year and last. For more, go here...


JACQ | March 25, 2010 at 10:20 PM

Oh Kelly, I enjoy this. YOU WANNA KNOW WHY? First of all, his race is all they can say about him. He's so articulate and educated, and every single one of those jackasses from Fox News can't even trip him up. He's calm, cool, collected, knows his shit and those repugnants CANNOT STAND IT! And because of the MANY YEARS we had endured the BUSH YEARS with that bumbling idiot in office, fucking up our country every single day! I hope and pray that these assholes have to endure another term of a president they don't want, too. I really hope it happens. I don't know if it will, but you never know. I was frankly shocked that Bush got in a second time. I thought these people were on some serious drugs to vote for him a second time. OH NO, WAIT! He didn't get voted in the first time. He stole that one. How can that happen? ONLY IN AMERICA! Because money means more than anything else.

And frankly, if stuff like this continues and Obama doesn't get in for a second term, we are honestly considering moving to Canada. This is no joke. I'd be so willing to give up being an American. I'm part Canadian anyway; I just so happened to have been born here on a fluke. I'm forgetting what it means to be an American, anymore. What does it mean? To go without a decent job for three years, not have health insurance, much retirement or savings after being screwed out of a good job I loved and had been in for nearly 5 years. ONLY IN AMERICA!

jc | March 26, 2010 at 12:23 PM

Kely, you missed the entire point of my comment. You are a hypocrite.

Kelly | March 26, 2010 at 8:03 PM

Explain to me how I am a hypocrite. Please, explain this to me. I am just knocking down your arguments one by one.