It's Got What Plants Need

It's been a long time since I've seen things as dry as they are right now. It hasn't rained her in at least a month and for the two months before that, we really hadn't had more than a stray thunderstorm here or there. The green long ago left the grass, plants have wilted and died, trees are in total shock and are just dropping their leaves without ever changing colors. The ground, well, it,s about as hard and cracked open as you can get.

I've spent a small fortune watering this summer, just to keep things somehow going. I've invested way too much money in turning my yard into a natural setting, buying native species from expensive nurseries, planting numerous shade trees and generally trying to make my little space wildlife friendly, to watch it all just die. So, I have one of the few living spaces left on my street and with no rain in the forecast, coupled with daytime temps in the 90's, things are only going to get worse.

If there is one silver lining, it's where I live. On the south banks of the Ohio River, water restrictions are unheard of around here. We get all of our city water from the big river and while the water level is down a little bit (sufficient rain upstream), it's no big deal. So, I have a reliable and cheap source of water and I'm using it to keep my trees and plants alive.

So, if you have any rain in your parts, please send it our way. It is, Brawndo withstanding, what plants crave.