Certainly not out of the woods but things are looking up, at least in the short term. Things looked pretty bleak yesterday morning but by last night, River seemed to be responding well to her medicine. By this morning, she seemed like a different dog. The swelling in the lymph nodes has decreased dramatically and her energy level is up as is her appetite. All good signs but until we get the results of her biopsy (either Tuesday or Wednesday), we just won't know for sure. If it is indeed cancer, well, the best we can hope for is a couple of months. If it isn't cancer, well, she should make a full recovery.

The odds are still against us, there is a definite hard lump under her face but it has shrunk big time and there is still a small chance that this is just a bad bacterial infection. Whatever happens is out of my hands but with love and the excellent care of my vet, she seems to have turned the corner and is holding her own. I honestly thought that this would be the day I had to make a big decision but Monday has come and almost gone so we live to fight another day. She's one tough little bitch, my River.