Radicals on the Right

I agree with Atrios, Pastor Rick Warren, despite his image as a moderate, is a horrible man. Calling for the assasination of a foreign leader is not just wrong, it's evil. It's time that all of us, especially those on the left, stopped trying to win these guys over. Being associated with these religous nutbags is wrong in every sense of the word. f

UPDATE: I somehow missed this but seems that Obama is a real wanker, big enough that he's the Wanker of the Day. Picking Warren to give the invocation at the inaguration is just stupid and wrong. If you're going to be at the inaguration, turn your back on Warren.


Some Hippie Chick | December 18, 2008 at 9:44 PM

Apparently I got censored by the PIC's forum for speaking my opinion on the matter. Is it me, or is that bus getting a little too close?