Some people just can't drive in the snow...


alan | February 19, 2010 at 12:38 PM

That was about 9 miles west of me; there was another with 15 cars about the same distance south on I-35, and a 3rd with 40 cars about 5 miles southeast of the one in the CNN video on I-435. All going on at the same time. I called my son to make sure if he was out he knew to "backstreet" his way home; he called my sister to make sure she wasn't coming in from Lawrence on I-70 as there are is only one exit between her and the one in the video, and if you miss it, you're stuck.

Thankfully, only a few ended up in the hospital overnight and there were no fatalities...this time!

People never seem to learn that just because you can "go" doesn't mean you can "stop"!

Thank you for the kind words and it's very nice to "meet" you!


Kelly | February 20, 2010 at 9:53 PM

That same stormed dumped between 4 and 11 inches of snow on the Louisville metro area and caused a few problems here. Back in 1994, we had 15 inches of snow fall in about 10 hours and then the temps fell to 22 below zero. The city was shut down for a week and the city took a lot of heat for it's pathetic snow removal.

Equipment couldn't be found, lots of it was broken and it was just a mess. UPS, which employees almost 30,000 people here at it's World Hub air express almost left because of the whole thing.

As a result, the city got serious about snow removal and a few years later when 22 inches fell, it wasn't a problem. The same two years ago when we got 15 inches overnight, the roads were just fine.

Still, people do some stupid stuff when it snows and they all think they are Mario Andretti.

By the way, when I was little, my Dad was stationed at Ft. Riley and we lived there for awhile. My brother was actually born there.