This Is The End

Ilargi says and I agree...

It's over, dear people, the dream is broken and cannot be mended. Gerald Celente predicts tax revolts and "another evolution" in the US. Listen to what he has to say in the video below. He is not an idiot, he expresses my views and fears to a T. The way things are going today, I don't see how he could be proven wrong. There are many people who say that European models are no better, or even worse, than the American one, but they fail to acknowledge that the American model is gone, forever. It's over. Until and unless we recognize that, and implement measures to make sure there will not be millions of US citizens thrown into the sort of misery we see on TV reports about Somalia and Ethiopia, we are sure to lose out. There will no longer be an American society, and probably not even a country.

This week will probably bring the end of General Motors and possibly even California, so broke is that state. Throw in a few other countries that are on the verge of complete collapse and you have further evidence that everything all of us have ever known, namely our way of life, is about to come to a disturbing end.

More Ilargi and I still agree...

perpetual growth has moved on to the land of the dodo, and it will not return in his or our lifetimes, if ever. We need to use what resources are left to try and keep our societies from spontaneous combustion. That's not a matter of choice, we don't get to choose growth anymore. It's no longer an available option. We're all out of it. There's empty shelves where once growth was on display. If and when the current financial mess is somewhat cleaned out, and that will take until 2020 if not longer, we will run into the mother of all energy conundrums, which will reduce a return to growth to a wet daydream.

When all is said and done, it will be clear to future historians that the 20th century was nothing more than an abberration, a one time party of excess fueled by fossil fuels and cheap credit. I hate to be a downer but if you don't see the end coming, well, you just aren't paying attention at all. Everywhere you look, things are falling apart and falling apart rather quickly. I suggest you take a look around and perhaps snap a picture or two as soon it will all be just a memory. It won't all disappear over night, that's not the way things work, but one day you'll notice that most of the stores are closed, gasoline isn't available anymore, the lights don't always come on when you turn on the switch, you're hungry more often than not and the idea of retiring, if you are lucky enough to have a job, will be nothing more than a cruel dream.

You see, it simply isn't sustainable, this crazy way we've been living. There are too damn many of us, perhaps as much as 5 billion too many, and infinite growth isn't possible in a finite world. We've used and abused this planet like no creature before and eventually something had to give. How it all ends is up to us, the choice is ours, but it's becoming increasingly clear that we will choose wrong. It's what we always do and nothing that I have seen would suggest otherwise. Anyways, watch this video and then pour yourself a really stiff drink, you're going to need it.