Funny Again

The Tonight Show hasn't been funny since the legendary Johnny Carson left in the early 90's. Jay Leno, for some reason, was pretty popular, but I never could figure out the appeal. Not only is he annoying as hell, he just isn't funny, at least not to those of us born after say 1930. The upside of course was that the dullness that is Leno made my late night viewing habits easier to decide. For my money, David Letterman has always been the best late night talk show host though it must be said, he was a bit edgeier back when he followed Carson on NBC.

So, I was quite happy to hear that Conan O'Brien would be taking over for Leno on a revamped Tonight Show. He hasn't disappointed and it's once again made viewing decisions all the more difficult. Now O'Brien isn't for everyone, his humour is biting and as far as network television goes, he's pretty cutting edge. That his old sidekick Andy Richter is back makes it all the more entertaining. Add in Triump the Insult Comic Dog and The Tonight Show is once again must see TV. Here are a couple of videos to show you what you're either missing or if you're already watching, enjoying:

Conan and Andy explore the LA River.

Part 1 of Triumph at Bonnaroo

Part 2 of Triumph at Bonnaroo