Some Thoughts On the News Of The Day

It's been a pretty eventful day for those who follow the news. The day broke with more stories about South Carolina governor Mark Sanford and has ended with the surprising death of pop sensation Michael Jackson. As if that weren't enough, former Charlie's Angels star and 70's era pinup Farrah Fawcett passed away after a long battle with cancer. Add in the continued unrest in Iran, the ongoing health care reform debate and the shitty economy and well, it's quite a day. With that, here are some thoughts on what's transpired...

1. I admit to being endlessly fascinated by the ongoing Mark Sanford affair and all it's tawdry details. First, I think it's important to remember that Sandford has been an endless proponent of so called "family values". He's fought the good fight in keeping the sanctity of marriage safe from teh gays and as a result, he was rumoured to be a contentder for the 2012 Republican presidential primary. He can of course kiss that goodbye, his political career is toast and I'll be surprised if he makes it to this time next week. Now I could really care less about his affair, that's between him and his wife, but lying to his staff, his family and most of all, the people of the Palmetto state, well, that's just wrong. Leaving the country without transfering power to the Lt. Governor is just crazy and as a result, he is clearly unfit to serve.

That being said, I do have to give him some props. Unlike his fellow cheaters, he didn't trot out his wife to stand by his side (though that was more her doing), he owned up to what he did (of course, had he not been caught at the airport, this would be a non story) and most of all, didn't throw the other woman under the bus. Unlike former New York governor Elliot Spitzer of New York, Louisiana Senator David Vitter or Nevada Senator John Ensign, his affair wasn't for kicks or getting his rocks off, he seems to have simply fallen in love with another woman.

So, despite my disdain for his politics and character, I really do hope that Sanford follows his heart and does what he needs to do. His political career is done, his marriage is hoplessly broken and staying in a marriage for the kids is just bad parenting. In short, trying to hang on as governor and work on a marriage that won't work with a wife he no longer loves is something that just won't work. He needs to go back to the airport and buiy a one way ticket to Argentina and be with the woman he loves. Bonnie Fuller at Huffington Post said it best- Go ahead and resign already and marry the woman you love.

Now, could someone please explain to me how someone as weird, boring and batshit crazy as Sanford ended up with the incredibly hot women? I mean seriously, his wife is a classic beauty and this Maria, well, she's freaking hot, hot, hot.

Maria, Maria, you are so damn hot!

2. Farrah Fawcett- For any boy who grew up during the 1970's, Farrah Fawcett was the love of their lives. Her swimsuit poster most likely hung on the wall of many a boys bedroom wall and most never missed an episode of Charlies Angles. As for me, well, I too watched the show religiously, never missing an episode. Of course I wasn't one of those boys fascinated by Fawcett, no, I spent my time wanting to be Jacalyn Smith's character Kelly. My hair was long back then and I used to imitate the way she would flip her hair out of her face. I wanted more than anything to be her and Fawcett was just an afterthought. Fawcett got pretty weird over the years but it's always sad to see someone go through what she did. Her long battle with cancer was courageous. She fought it hard but in the end, it got the best of her and another icon of my childhood disappeared today.

3. Michael Jackson- I took a nap this afternoon and when I awoke and turned on the computer I was stunned to see the headline staring back at me. The King of Pop died today of what looks to be cardiac arrest. Jackson was becoming a star when my mother was young and by the time I reached middle school in the 80's, Jackson was quickly becoming the biggest star in the world. His Thriller album dominated the airwaves and his videos became must see for fans everywhere. Sadly, Jackson will probably be remembered more for his off the charts behavior, especially his fondness for young boys and his creepy behavior with his own children. Still, there is no denying that he was an epic entertainer and I suppose that no one will ever afain rise to the level of stardom that Jackson enjoyed.