Obama Hates The GLBT Community

John at AMERICAblog has all of the details about the Obama Administrations latest attack on the GLBT community. In short, the administration wrote and filed a brief in a California court defending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). In the brief, Obama and company liken gay marriage to incest and marrying children. This all comes on the heels of the Administrations reluctance to move on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, despite overwhelming public support to repeal the policy. Furthermore, Obama hasn't made any effort to ensure passage of the Hate Crimes Law and a fully inclusive ENDA. In just 5 short months, Obama has proven to be a less than stellar President for so many of us who worked so hard to get him elected.

Just read this from Pam and it rings true...

Friends, is this is the watershed mark, the line in the sand, the utter moral betrayal of this administration in black and white? Does this mean that we are not only expendable to this Administration, but that it has decided we can also be vilified as a constituency at will and not receive any blowback? That's balls. A brief with language like this could have been written by Liberty Counsel it's so homophobic; that it's written in legalese doesn't blunt the arguments being made here. It will be used to cause lasting damage to future civil rights gains.