Two Years

Two years ago today, I was waking up from a brutal nine hour facial feminization surgery. Mom and I would be in Chicago for almost two weeks and it would end up taking almost all of the past two years to finally feel good again. From time to time, I still ache a bit but other than feeling like my face has been pulled tight, which it was, I feel fine. As all of you know, I never was very happy with the results and to this day, I still regret having the surgery. Sure, I did experience a few dramatic changes, but overall, it just wasn't worth the money or physical hardship I had to endure. I've tried hard to put it all behind me, I really and truly have, but the truth is, I'm still pretty bitter and more than a bit angry at Dr. Z.

With my Mom on my birthday, 6 months before FFS.

The night of my FFS, June 5, 2007

Me today, two years later