Guilty and Life Without Parole

Justice was served today when Allen Ray Andrade was found guilty of brutally murdering Angie Zapata, a Colorado transgender teen. In addition, the jury convicted Andrade under the states new Hate Crimes Law. Andrade became enraged when he discovered that Zapata still had male genitalia and set about to kill her. The defense of course used a "trans-panic" motive, arguing that Zapata was masquerading as a male and therefore deserved what she got. Obviously the jury felt differently. All too often, transgender women are at risk of getting their faces kicked in or even killed and that has to stop. No one deserves what Zapata got, no one, and today her killer begins a lifetime behind bars.


JACQ | May 3, 2009 at 12:21 AM

Once he's in prison, he'll wish he did get the death penalty.

Enjoy, Andrade.