Sunday Night Tour of Louisville

As usual, images are brought to you by Google Earth...

Bridge to Nowhere-The Big Four Bridge, formerly a railroad bridge, is now being incorporated into Waterfront Park and will be a walkway across the Ohio River.

Cherokee Park in the Highlands Neighborhood is a 600 acre preserve in the middle of the city. The park was designed by the legendary Fredrick Law Olmstead of New York's Central Park fame.

General Electrics Appliance Park, once home to over 20,000 employees, now has just over 5,000 workers. Every GE dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and other household appliance sold by GE is made here.

The Louisville Zoo specializes in breeding highly endangered animals including lowland gorillas.

The Outer Loop Landfill handles all the garbage that is generated by Jefferson County's 750,000 residents. Some of the hills of garbage are over several hundred feet tall.

Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium is home to the University of Louisville football team.

The University of Louisville Campus in Old Louisville, just south of downtown.

Vallhala Golf Course, two time home of the PGA Championship and the 2008 Ryder Cup won by the United States.