Not Helping Matters

When I read shit like this, it just makes my blood boil. For way too long, the folks who identify as transgender or TG have done more to set back equal rights than the religious right ever could. When I was trying to work things out with work, my biggest obstacle was trying to overcome the negative stereotypes put forth by the crossdressers, genderqueer and those not interested in correcting what was wrong at birth. To way too many people, the image of those of us who are trying to fully transition to the gender in which we should have been born, is that of "the guy in a dress."

It was only after convincing them that I had no desire to go public with this, no desire to be a poster child for a cause and no desire to do anything but keep my job, all was fine. It's been three years and the whole thing has been a non-issue. So, when I see stupid shit like transgendered men, and that's what they are if they insist on doing shit like this, prancing around topless on a beach that isn't topless, well, fuck them. No one who is serious about transitioning and having surgery to fix things would ever go on hormones and then act like a guy at the beach. That they were actually prescribed hormones just takes the cake...

Rehoboth Beach in Delaware isn't a topless beach – but a few transgender men caused a stir by treating it like one. Police say passers-by complained after the men removed their tops and revealed their surgically enhanced breasts over Memorial Day weekend. A lifeguard asked them to put their tops back on. The men initially refused, but covered up before police arrived.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time till Autumn Sandeen of Pam's House Blend jumps to their defense as he is want to do.


Anonymous | June 6, 2010 at 3:10 PM

ouch! the infighting feels really harsh here!

think about how the media might have gotten this story wrong. think about the hypersexualization of transwomen by the media, and how the only depiction of trans people in the mainstream media is that of a hypersexual trans woman.

now consider this: the people in this story identify on the transmasculine spectrum. they are genderqueer, trans, and transmen, not transwomen. they were at no point questioned by the police, they only spoke to a young lifegaurd, who in one breath said: put on your tops the police are on their way. In fact, they were told that this particular section of the beach was not only gay friendly, but clothing optional. They are from out of town, and are speaking out in hopes to prevent backlash in Rehobeth against gender-nonconforming and trans people, including anyone who might be forced to face gender policing.

GENDER POLICING DOES NOT WORK. It is not the job of trans & gender nonconforming folks to be clear to cissexist thinking authorities. It is our job to take care of ourselves and each other. It is our job to express our genders in a way that is healthy for our psyches.

These folks didn't ask for media attention: the media picked their story up without asking them how they identify! Please consider uniting with them at least on that basis.

thank you, in solidarity

Kelly | June 6, 2010 at 9:35 PM

Actually, no infighting at all. I totally reject anything to do with the transgender label. It does not apply to me in the least and it does nothing but hurt people like me, those born with a medical condition in which surgery is one of the essential treatments.

I have nothing against those who identify as trans, genderqueer or anything else that falls under the transgender label. What I do have a problem with is that stories like this paint a broad brush, failing to differentiate between true transsexuals and those who identify as transgender.

People are free to flow along the gender spectrum, that's fine with me, but I'm not interested in that and it irritates me that it makes my own transition that much more complicated.

There is a growing movement of true transsexuals, those who have or are saving up to have the surgery, distancing themselves from the transgender label. I'm firmly in that camp and it works for me.

trnslate | June 11, 2010 at 11:30 PM

Kelly, I am totally with you and posted as much over on my blog.... We can't have it both ways, and while I understand the concept of acting out in protest, these act do nothing but give us another black eye.

Actions like this are why important legislation like GENDA failed in NY this week. And as I have questioned, perhaps it Is time to rephrase the movement toward transsexual rights. All I know is that in a few months, when I go RLE, I am surrendering all of my male privilege for none at all... At the end if the day, the CD still has all of his rights:
quality healthcare, a secure home and job, and no worries about when having to squat.

~ Keri

Anonymous T-Girl | June 26, 2010 at 10:18 AM

i used to find it curious when TG activists would automatically frame me within their group by using terms like 'infighting'.

It took some time before i realized it's a deliberate, calculated attempt to supress and invalidate my opposing views.

Now i find in infuriating.