Back To School- Sort Of

For the first time since September, I walked into the school I taught at for six years. I've gone out of my way to stay out of the way and let the new teacher do her thing. In a small classroom like mine, you tend to have the same kids for up to six or seven years and needless to say, you get kind of attached to the kids and parents. It was hard to leave and it broke my heart last year to walk out of there last May. Flash forward to today and it was a bit different. Tonight was the 5th grade graduation and two of my former students were going to make the walk across the stage. I wanted to be there and that of course meant darkening those doors once again.

To make a long story short, I'm glad I went and it once and for all proved that I really have moved on. The last time I was there, back in the fall, I cried when I left and swore that I would never go back. I didn't cry tonight, not even close, and if anything, I left with the satisfaction that things have worked out quite fine thank you very much. That being said, there was one ironic twist to the nights event. Seems that the teacher who replaced me this year is moving on to greener pastures. The classroom is once again open and more than a few people asked me tonight if I could come back. I thanked them for the sentiment but politely told them that it was time for me to make a fresh start someplace new. That is what I will do come August and the start of a brand new school year.