Blast From The Past

Wow, talk about cool. Today I exchanged several wonderful emails with one of my favorite friends from high school. Barbara and I met through a mutual friend even though we went to the same school (that happens a lot in a school the size of ours) and we quickly became really good friends. Barbara drove this really cool vintage Corvette that just oozed style. We used to hang out a lot at her house and on more than one occassion the gang would partake of the beverages in her fathers basement bar. After graduation, we kind of lost contact save for a couple of meetups at weddings. The last time I saw her was at Kristen's wedding in Wisconsin. I want to say that the year was 1998 but I might be off by a year.

I was dating Valarie at the time and was still trying to figure out how I could make a go of things as Greg. If you had told me back then that I would one day get up the courage to finally go through with this, I would have told you "you're nuts". Anyways, that was the last time I saw or talked to Barbara. I would ask Kristen about her whenever I talked with her but other than that, contact was lost. As you probably know, if you read this page regularly, our 20th reunion was a week ago and Barbara tracked me down by visiting our alumni page. It was so great to hear from her and it really did make my day. I miss a few of the people from high school quite a bit and I hope that maybe the old gang can one day meet up again.

Anyways, I just want to say thanks to Barbara for tracking me down and saying hello. You made my day and reminded me of what friendship is all about. You already knew about the whole gender thing and you didn't bat an eye. That means a lot to me and words can't express how much I appreciate your support and kind words. To celebrate the event and the 80's, here's a picture from the last time we were together and a video clip from the past:

From left: Barbara, Me, Kristen, Rico and Jennifer

Now Pour Some Sugar On Me...