Late At Night...

Sometimes, late at night, I'll wonder about things and why they are. I never have the answers of course but that never stops me from thinking about these things:

1. Why was I born a boy and not a girl?

2. Why did I turn out the way I did?

3. Why did I wait till my mid 30's to finally fess up to being trans?

4. How would life be different if I hadn't waited so long?

5. How would life be different if one of my girlfriends had turned into my wife?

6. How would life be different if I had really felt like the boy I looked like on the outside?

7. Will I ever be seen as female and not a transsexual?

8. Will people ever just accept me as Kelly who is Kelly and not Kelly who used to be Greg?

9. If I had been born female, would I have been happier? Would I have felt like I was really a boy?

10. Will I ever find someone to grow old with?


JACQ | June 17, 2008 at 10:20 AM

I think you will find someone to grow old with.

I see you as Kelly. Kelly is who you are to me.