A Jacq MeMe

I'm late getting to this but wanted to share. This comes from Jacq...

My ex... girlfriends are an ecclectic mix, some good, some bad but all very interesting.

Maybe I should... stop eating like a guy.

I love... my family, my dogs, my friends, my job, my city, my books, my bed, my legs and most of all, myself.

People would say...I'm probably the only transsexual they know.

I don't understand... Americans voted for George Bush not once but twice.

When I wake up in the morning... I have this urge to smash my alarmclock to pieces.

I lost... my male privlege and have no regrets about that.

Life is full of... challenges and opportunities, what we do with them makes all the difference.

My past is... what it is, I can't change a thing and so I have no regrets.

I get annoyed when... stupid people try to argue with me over things they don't know a thing about.

Parties are... not as good as small get togethers with close friends.

I wish... I had been born a natal female. Life would be so much easier.

Dogs... are God's greatest gift to mankind and life without them would suck.

Cats... are annoying in so many ways.

Tomorrow...is another day. h/t to Scarlet O'hara.

I have low tolerance... for the human race, especially Americans.

If I had a million dollars... I probably wouldn't have any credit card debt.

I'm totally terrified of...how I'll survive once my Mom is gone.


JACQ | June 30, 2008 at 11:24 AM

I know what you mean about stupid people not knowing what they're talking about. Which ties into why people were stupid enough to vote for Bush not once but twice...

Hey, hey. Cats are NOT that annoying! I should know. I have three.


And never say how terrified of how you'd survive once your mom was gone. Three years ago, I told a close friend of mine that I'd go insane if my mom passed away, and I'd have to probably be locked up in an asylum. Well...my mom IS gone, but I'm still standing. I may wobble a little, but I'm still standing. I miss her like crazy, but...

I'm still standing. Its sucks all to hell that she isn't here. Life isn't the same now that she isn't here. But she'd want us to go on and enjoy our lives the way she didn't get the chance to.

Thanks for doing the meme! Your answers were great.

Oh...And Missi and I would disagree about the "male priviledge" idea. Nothing is cool about being a male. HAHAHA!