I'm 43% White

I just finished reading "Stuff White People Like" and though I thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm a bit surprised how non-white I ended up being. Out of the 150 things that white people do like, I only found myself liking 71 of them.

Things white people like that I like too: Film festivals, diversity, Barack Obama, making you feel bad for not going outside, Wes Anderson Movies, Asian Girls (oh yeah), nonprofit organizations, having black friends, awareness, international travel, being an expert on your culture, microbreweries, wine, Manhattan, 80;s Nights, architecture, The Daily Show and Colbert Report, Brunch, Apple products, Indie Music, public radio, asian fusion food, liberal arts degrees, irony, Sarah Silverman, dogs, kitchen gadgets, apologies, documentaries, bicycles, knowing what's best for the poor, expensive sandwiches, recycling, standing still at concerts, difficult breakups (lots of them), study abroad, threatening to move to Canada, musical comedy, graduate school, hating corporations (Apple and Target are okay), bad memories of high school, t-shirts, shorts, outdoor performance clothes, having gay friends, dinner parties, San Francisco, self-deprecating humor, integrity, pretending to be a Canadian when traveling abroad, free health care, Non-American news sources, subtitles, the ACLU, platonic friendships, reusable shopping bags, Dave Chappelle, conspiracies, avoiding confrontation, following my dreams, not having cash, eating outside, books, music festivals, hardwood floors, bakeries, cheese therapy, public transportation that is not a bus, and dive bars.

Things white people like that I don't like:
Coffee, religions that our parents don't belong to, assists, farmers markets, organic food, tea, yoga, gifted children, hating your parents, writer's workshops, having two last names, David Sedaris, marathons, not having a TV, Wrigley Field, snowboarding, veganism/vegetariansim, marijuana, renovations, Arrested Development, sushi, plays, The Sunday New York Times, Whole Foods, vintage, living by the water, lawyers, Japan, natural medicine, Toyota Prius, coed sports, divorce (I just don't think people should get married), Michael Gondry, Mos Def, being the only white person around, gentrification, Oscar parties, bottles of water, multilingual children, modern furniture, the idea of soccer, The Wire, St. Patrick's Day, music piracy, rugby, New Balance Shoes, beards, having children in your thirties (no kids is good kids), red hair, Noam Chomsky, non-motorized boating, the Boston Red Sox, scarves, cleanses, the Criterion Collection, natural childbirth, high school english teachers, native wisdom, trying too hard, Portland, Oregon, Che Guevera, The New Yorker, Premium Juice, plaid, acoustic covers, Tibet, Nintendo Wii, The Simpsons, DJ's, Carbon offsets, adopting foreign children, LEED certification, expensive strollers, singer-songwriters, glasses, McSweeney's, modern art museums, self-importance and rock climbing.