Turn The Power Back Off

Aside from having air conditioning and the use of an iron and hair dryer, having the power back on has pretty much sucked. For the most part, these past five days were spent concerned only with the weather disaster all around me. I didn't have the time nor the electricity to find out what was really going on in the world and I didn't really care. That all changed of course last night and after reading the news today, well, all I can say is please, turn the power back off, ignorance really is bliss.

Anyways, me being me, I just have to weigh in on the collapse this week of the United States. As readers of this blog know, I've been somewhat pessimistic about the future and the news out of Washington last night and today pretty much make me feel vindicated. For all intents and purposes, this once great country died today and no matter how much money we taxpayers throw at the problem, it isn't going to go away. Todays bailout of the entire economic sector does only one thing: Prolongs the bleeding and makes the final, ugly crash that much more bloody. Any pretenses that this is a capitalist country just went out the window. As Atrios put it, it's been one big game of musical chairs and whoever ended up standing was the one who would get stuck with Big Shitpile. Well, guess who got left standing? You did and so did I.

No longer will I hold my breath and hope that somehow we'll get out of this mess, no, from here on out, I'm convinced that there is just no way possible that this ends well. We are a nation so far in debt that we will NEVER be able to repay it all. As Peak Oil takes hold and the global economy shrinks faster and faster, there simply won't be enough energy to ever come back up for air. The fat lady is singing, the band is warming up and it's GAME OVER BABY. Will the last person left alive please turn out the lights? It's been one hell of a party.

Mish has much more and says it so much better than I ever could.

Update: Seems that members of Congress haven't been paying attention. They are shocked I tell you, shocked, that things are this shitty.