We're Going To Lose

Up until this week, I've been totally convinced that Barrack Obama would win come November. Sadly, I don't feel that way anymore. I don't know why, but I failed to comprehend the degree to which the media in this country sucks. They are nothing more than a bunch of empty minded tools who love nothing more than a faux controversy. The Pig in lipstick episode is just the latest, but certainly not the last, hissy fit that Republicans will throw and just like now, the media will eat it up and spend countless days chattering about what a bad person Obama is. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign seems to think that if they just play nice, that McCain and company will back off the petty attacks and focus on the issues that really matter. That's not the way these ass clowns work and why Obama isn't going on the attack is beyond me. If Obama pulls this off, I'll be very surprise, very surprised.