The Washington Press Corps, doing it's best to help John McBush win the presidency, likes to spout off about how those of us on the left are a bunch of latte drinking, New York Times reading, caviar eating uppity elites who have no connection to the average Joe. (Think of Al Gore and his working for environmental issues while living in a big house or John Edwards and his work on behalf of working Americans and the fact that he is a multi-millionaire) It's not true of course. I don't drink lattes, I don't read the Times and I sure don't eat caviar but the thing is, I can speak in complete sentences, I am well read and I believe in causes that are just and fair. If they want to call us elites, so be it, but when it comes right down to it, most Americans care about the things I care about.

And when did it become crass to want to elect a well spoken and very intelligent person to the highest office in the land? Have the past 7 years of Dubya not proven that putting dim witted men in charge is a bad idea? Barack Obama might not be the perfect candidate and perfect person, but I have no doubt that he won't start a bunch of unnecessary wars, he won't make the rest of the world hate us and he won't put the interest of corporate America ahead of the interest of Average America. So go ahead, call me an elite if you want, I can take it. As the picture below shows, being an "elite" might not be a bad thing. It's time to put adults back in charge.


JACQ | August 7, 2008 at 10:57 AM

Their definition of 'Elitist' is out of whack for sure.

Does an otherwise educated but underemployed or unemployed person make that definition? I do drink chai latte, but I don't read the NY Times and I HATE caviar. Tells you how completely clueless they are.

And you're right. Bush is a dim wit. Obama isn't perfect (and who is), but just as you said, he'd advocate more for the Average American and not wage unnecessary wars and throw this country back into a Depression. McCain is just pissed because he isn't getting ANY attention. Forget about the right or the wrong kind of attention. He's gettin' ZIPPO!

Poor old guy.

But seriously. Ageist or not, do you really want someone like him in? Not only is he a repug, but he's fucking OLD! Not to mention, eight years of Bush politics is ENOUGH!!!!