Internet Service in America Sucks

Americans like to think that we live in one of the most technologically advanced nations. This isn't true of course and nowhere is it more evident than in internet service. John at Americablog has a great post about the comparison of internet speeds between the US and Europe. It's sad really how pathetically slow and expensive our service is as compared to other countries. One of the contributers to that blog lives in Paris and his download speed is 15964 kbps and his upload speeds are 8048 kbps. I just tested my internet connection speeds and they come in at a shameful 7456 kbps for download and 952 kbps upload.

As if that weren't bad enough, Chris has service that includes high speech Internet, telephone service (which includes free calls to Europe and the US), and digital cable TV all for 49 euros a month (about 75 bucks, and that's at our lousy exchange rate). Just for internet, I'm paying $45 a month and that gets me no TV and no phone. This is just another example of how American consumers get screwed by Republicans and their cronies in big business. Go here to test your internet speed.