Off To Work I Go

Where the hell did my summer vacation go? I swear, it seems like the last day of school was just yesterday and now it's time to start a whole new school year. While kids won't report till Tuesday, all teachers and staff must report to work in the morning, the first of 187 days. I know I shouldn't complain, most people would just kill to have 16 weeks of vacation a year, but after 11 weeks of sleeping in and doing what I want, it's kind of hard to face the fact that tomorrow morning I will awake not on my own but with the aid of the alarm clock.


JACQ | August 17, 2008 at 1:56 PM

It's a slap in the face, ain't it? I agree. It seems like a few hours ago, doesn't it?

I ended the year with a little guy I was working with during last school year, until I found the 'new' job. Then had to leave it, then went back to the former agency. Damn.

Still waiting for something else to break SOON. I really don't want to do this [particular job again this year! I'm hoping to get another regular full-time job and do these sessions ON THE SIDE. Schools around here just blow.