Internet Search Gone Awry

It started innocently enough. As I was drifting off to bed last night, I remembered something from my recent trip to Chicago. I was curious as to who the Dan Ryan was in the Dan Ryan Expressway. This of course led me to wikipedia this morning which led me to Dan Ryan which led me to Robert Taylor Housing Projects which led to Carbini-Green Housing Projects which led me back to Dan Ryan which then led to Edens Expressway which led to the Purple Line of the CTA which led to Metra which led to this...

Now to figure out how a page on Metra led me to that you need to read the page on Metra, specifically this little part...At around 5:53 p.m. on August 26, 1991, Mary T. Wojtyla, 41, of Chicago, was walking with her lawyer across the tracks at the Fairview Avenue grade crossing in Downers Grove, directly in front of a westbound train which was stopped at the Metra station. Apparently distracted by ongoing divorce proceedings, she crossed the center track and was struck by a westbound Burlington Northern EMD E9 pulling a "Racetrack" express train, estimated to be traveling at 60 miles per hour. Wojtyla was killed instantly; her lawyer saw the oncoming train and was not struck.[7] The accident delayed between 12,000 and 15,000 commuters on the Burlington Northern line for more than an hour.[8] Trains were further delayed when Downers Grove police ordered the engineer to back up the train in order to re-enact the incident. According to an account in the Downers Grove Reporter, "the engineer was so seriously affected by the re-enactment, where he had to pass by the dead body still on the tracks, he was unable to continue and had to be relieved of his duties."[9] A railfan captured Wojtyla being stuck by the train.[10] The video, dubbed "Traingirl", has been shown with the impact edited out at many Operation Lifesaver events, and unedited on shock site web sites and YouTube. A wrongful death lawsuit brought by Wojtyla's estate was dismissed in 1996.