What A Mess

The snow turned to ice around 11 last night and I guess at around 2 this morning we had a switch to freezing rain and now just plain rain. It's a complete and total mess out there. The five or six inches of snow we got has been reduced to a couple of inches of slush and ice. The temperature is dropping again and we should be back below freezing in the next hour or two at which point things could get interesting again. The forecasted low is 21 with scattered snow showers and ice pellets so I'm not giving up on having at least one more day off of work.

Had the snow not turned to freezing rain, they are saying that we would have ended up with around 25 inches of snow. That would have been totally cool as we wouldn't have had school the rest of the week. Still, it was nice to actually see some real snow around here. It was the most that had fallen since 11 inches fell right before Christmas of 2004. Here's to more snow days in my future.


JACQ | February 16, 2008 at 12:23 PM

ICK, ICK, ICK!!! I hate this weather!!!!