WInter Storm Warning

It just started snowing within the past half hour and we might end up with as much as 6 inches before it changes to ice and freezing rain in the morning. Here's hoping for a snow day, it's been a long time coming.

UPDATE: Moderate to heavy snow at 5:30 with pictures to come later tonight, not that anyone cares.

UPDATE 2: 9:00 PM: After getting 4 inches of snow, we've seen a changeover to sleet and ice pellets in the past 20 minutes. Looks like six or seven hours of ice ahead of us followed by a changeover to rain by morning with even some thunderstorms. Right now it's 21 degrees but evidently there is a layer of warm air that has risen over the area, thus the ice and no more snow. Bummer. As of now, schools are open for tomorrow though I'll be surprised if they don't announce soon.