A Wild Ass Lost Prediction

Lost will be on in less than an hour and the previews from last weeks episode seem to indicate that we will find out who the fourth member of the "Oceanic Six" is. We already know that Jack, Kate and Hurley make it off the island and tonight we will find out the fourth. I'm on the record of predicting the "Oceanic Six" will be the three we already know about plus Sayid, Jin and Sun. I'm going to stick with that prediction as it just makes the most sense to me, though I could be completely wrong. But that isn't what I'm ready to predict right now. No, I want to throw out a guess as to who was in the coffin at the funeral Jack attended in last season's finale, "Through the Looking Glass".

A month or so ago, Entertainment Weekly had an interview with his Hotness, also know as Matthew Fox in which Fox refused to reveal who it was he went to see in that surprising flashforward. But he did say that once J.J. Abrams and Carlton Cuse told him who it was, he wasn't surprised. A lot of people have theorized that it was either Sawyer or Ben based upon Kate's comment of "why would I go to that." I don't buy that for a second and so tonight I'm going to predict that it was actually John Locke. My reasons for feeling this way are pretty straightforward and seem to make a lot of sense. Locke is clearly becoming more and more unpopular and I suspect that as the show unfolds these next couple of seasons, we're going to see that Locke becomes more and more of an outsider and less and less of a Lostie.

Clearly Locke does not want to get off the island, it's brought him back his ability to walk, healed wounds that would have been fatal and generally made him a man again. He's by far the most interesting character and apart from Desmond and Ben, he's my favorite. Like Ben, he believes in the island and what it represents. He likes it there and doesn't want to go back to the real world, but I suspect, something will indeed take him back to that real world and when it does, he will either lose the will to live or somehow be killed. He has no family, no friends and on the island, he's been pretty good at making enemies, none more so than Jack.

So why would Jack be the only person to go to the funeral? For the answer to that, one need only look to the desperate look in Jacks eyes when he tells Kate that they have to go back to the island, that they have to get back, that they weren't supposed to leave. For whatever reason, Jack, who wants off that island more than anyone, will come to realize that it really was a special place and that leaving was the biggest mistake of his life. Like Locke, Jack will finally understand the place and his guilt for not listening to Locke will bring him to that funeral home where Locke lies all alone.

Then again, I might have no idea what in the hell I'm talking about and if that is the case, it won't be the first time. Still, I'm feeling pretty confident about this prediction and only time will tell if I'm right.