Sunday Roundup

1. Woke up this morning with a foot of snow on the ground. As I get ready for bed, we have at most 3 inches on the ground. March sunshine and 50 degree temperatures will do that to snow. It's pretty messy out and the Ohio River is nearing flood stage. It's going to take some time to dry out around here.

2. I had a great weekend and it's all because of the big snow we got. That being said, I'm now officially ready for spring. I can't wait to get in the garden.

3. My girl is still going strong in the iditarod. It's a tough race for rookies but she's done damn good all things considered. It looks like it's down to Jeff King and Lance Mackey as the leaders come upon the Bering Sea and the final 200 or so miles to Nome. The weather has been warm this year which isn't good for the dogs. They like to run in temperatures well below zero as it sets the trail up nicely and keeps the dogs from overheating. Should be into Nome in a couple of days.

4. Going to see my therapist tomorrow after work. I'm not sure exactly what we'll talk about, there's so much out there, but going is a good thing.

5. I sent an email to the Human Relations department asking to have a meeting to discuss my plans for the upcoming school year. Looking more and more like I'll be Greg next year. I should have just stayed at my old school, I'd be a lot happier had I done just that.

6. This time next week, I'll be pouring over the just announced NCAA Tournament bracket. I love March Madness and throwing my money into the jackpot is always money well spent, even if I never do win. Go Cats!

That's it for now, I'm off to bed. I'll let you know how things go with the therapist.