Say a Prayer For My Sammy

Today was a really great day, one of the better ones I've had in recent weeks. As I settled onto the sofa to get ready to watch Lost, my boy Sammy came to my side looking for some love. I set about scratching his back, rubbing behind his ears and giving him a tubby rub. That's when I found it. The lump is about the size of a jelly bean, maybe a bit bigger, but certainly something that shouldn't be there. It might very well be nothing, I'm not exactly schooled in the art of veterinary science, but I'm not going to take any chances. I'll be waiting at the doctors office tomorrow morning when they open up and I'll drop him off to see what they say.

Sammy is my boy, the greatest dog who ever lived and ever since I adopted him as a puppy, he's been attached at my leg. He goes where I go and over the years, he's been as loyal a dog as one could ever ask for. He never strays from my side, comes when I call him, does what I ask and generally just tries to please me. I've of course repaid the love as there isn't anything in the world I wouldn't do for any of my dogs, but especially so for Sammy.

He's what you might call my "Lifetime Dog", that dog that is so special that no matter how many come into your life, that dog will always be the one. They say that dogs are man's best friend and I couldn't agree more. It might seem silly, but Sammy is my best friend and I'm his best friend. We've been through a lot together and during all these years, I've never so much as raised my voice at him. He looks at me with the most adoring and worshipful eyes imaginable and I know that what he feels for me is true love. He's friendly to everyone he meets and great with other animals, but no matter who or what comes into his world, he always has a look out for me. I have no doubt that he would give his life for me and so tomorrow, I'll do everything possible to repay the favor.

As this wonderful day comes to a very troubling end, keep us in your thoughts and say a prayer for my beloved Sammy.