Follow Up on Obama and FISA

I think the thing that pisses me off the most about Obama and his reversal with regards to domestic spying and immunity for the major telecoms is that once in office, Obama will be loathe to get rid of these powers. Once presidential powers get entrenched, they tend to stick around. I know Obama won't blatantly break the law like Bush has but make no mistake, he will try to get away with as much Imperial Power as he possibly can. It's a fact about politicians, once they taste that first bite of power, it's a never ending quest to quench that hunger and thirst. It takes a pretty slick and sneaky person to want to be a politician, especially at the federal level, and Obama is no different. His calls for change is ringing a bit hollow these days and it's disappointing to once again have a candidate on the left that truly doesn't belong on the left.