The Religious Right Must Be Stopped

Yes, I have my differences with Barack Obama and yes, I am very pissed over his recent cave on the issue of domestic spying and telecom immunity, but that doesn't mean I won't work like hell to get him elected. The thought of John McBush in the Oval Office scares the shit out of me. Aside from all of the other horrible things that will happen, the fact that the next President will fill some vacancies on the Supreme Court, is enough for any sane American to put aside their differences and work to get Obama elected. The Maverick likes to play up him image, with a lot of help from his base in the press, about how independent he is and that he's really just a moderate, common sense man. Don't be fooled, he is anything but.

Despite a bit of fuss from the religious nutcases on the right, they've come around to McCain and will do all they can to elect him. Today, we find out just how nuts they really are. We all know that nothing pisses these idiots off like the right to an abortion but if you think they will stop there, think again. They want complete control over a womans body and that includes making contraception illegal. That's right, they want to ban all forms of birth control, specifically the pill. Now it seems that the Health and Human Services Department will help them do just that, at least in clinics that recieve some kind of federal funding.

Think about that for a second. The religious right, with the aid of our government, is trying to impose a strict theocratic definition of what is and isn't abortion. Look, I'm all for reducing the number of abortions, but making contraception illegal does just the opposite. These people want sex to be for one thing and one thing only, making babies. The more the merrier as far as they are concerned and damn the ramifications of such a policy. So, my question for those of you who are bitter about Hillary Clinton not winning or Obama not being liberal enough, is this what you want? If so, please vote for McCain, but if this scares you like it scares me, get off your butt and work your ass off to get Obama elected. The stakes are that high.


JACQ | July 16, 2008 at 5:15 PM

Not that it matters for me now, but I had surgery a couple of years ago to prevent pregnancy. I'm so glad they did it. I was dating someone at the time and on the Pill, which made me extremely sick after being on it for 16 years. That many hormones in with your body for so long is bound to mess you up somehow.

Yea, as far as Obama's views on the wiretapping thing, I'm not thrilled either. But having McCain in office scares the piss out of me. More of the same Bush politics???? I'LL PASS...

I once supported Hillary Clinton but thought she swayed too much on the repug side, so I backed away from her. We have someone governing our state like that. The old mobster Ed Rendell, mascarading as a Democrat, who thinks the only part of PA that even EXISTS is Philadelphia. That's where ALL the funding for EVERYTHING goes. Meanwhile, the rest of us scramble to try to find decent jobs on the central and western end. PITIFUL.