Are You Kidding Me?

Damit Kona, when I said I was good at these things, I didn't mean this kind. Picking my 7 favorite albums of all time is about like picking my 7 favorite movies of all time, damn near impossible.


1. Post your list of the seven best albums, the seven booogers bloggers you will tag, a copy of these rules, and a link back to this page.
2. Each person tagged will put a URL to their Blogger Album Project post along with a list of the seven best albums in the comment section HERE at Hill's Country. Rules, rules, fucking rules!! Enough already!
3. Feel free to post the “I Contributed to the Blogger Album Project” Award Graphic on your sidebar (even though I couldn't find it), along with a link back to this page.
4. Post a link back to the blogger who tagged you.

I won't do it I tell you, I won't.

Well, I guess I will, but just this one time...In no particular order...

1. R.E.M- Murmur

2. R.E.M.- Fables of the Reconstruction

3. The Beatles- The White Album

4. Nirvana- Nevermind

5. Public Enemy- It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

6. Iris DeMent- Infamous Angel

7. Dave Brubeck- Time Out (Has the honor of having my all time favorite song, Take Five)

I tag:

Kara, Donna, Erin, Amy, NexyJo, Missi and Ray Ray