Liveblogging the Results-Cause I Got Nothing Else To Do

9:24 PM- Ohio to Obama, it's now over, pop open the bubbly my friends.

Kentucky Senate- Looks like Mitch is going to sneak one out. Bastard.

8:05 PM- The route is on. The networks have already called Pennsylvania and New Hampshire for Obama. Still watching Indiana as it's way too close. The thing to watch are results from Monroe County (Bloomington and home of Indiana University), Lake County (Gary and Hammond) and Marion (Indianapolis). Those areas should propel him to victory.

In local news, Anne Northup has given her concession speech- now go away bitch!

7:20 PM- Yarmuth is putting an ass whipping on Anne. I hope she gets this message this time. This seat will now be Yarmuth's for as long as he wants it. It's a Democratic city and he has broad support.

Indiana is still too close to call. Vermont to Obama. Virginia and South Carolina too close too call as well. That's not a good sign for McCain.

Looking at the local election results, it appears that the senate race might be the only one in which my candidate doesn't win.

7:00 PM- Sadly, the networks have called Kentucky for McCain though the vote right now is close. Lunsford and Mitch are close, too early too call. In the 3rd district, John Yarmuth is cruising to victory and that's an awesome thing, totally awesome.

6:30 PM- I got nothing. No results yet from any precints in Jefferson County. I did see that if Lunsford is to win, he will need to win Jefferson (Louisville) and Fayette (Lexington) counties by a net of 120,000 votes. That's going to be tough to do since both McConnell and Lunsford live here in Louisville.

The polls here in the Eastern Time Zone of Kentucky are getting ready to close in about 15 minutes. There's no big suspense in the Presidential race, the networks will call Kentucky for McCain as soon as the polls close, but the local races are pretty big news. The big race around here, in fact it's probably the second most watched race in the country, is the Senate race between the scumbag Mitch McConnell, primed to become the most powerful Republican around, and Louisville businessman and multi-millionaire Bruce Lunsford. I'm also anxious to see the results of the local school board race. My board member, Steve Imhoff, is up for re-election and I'm hoping he wins big. More to come soon...