Just Asking

Why do women shave their legs? I could care less as I have a real phobia of body hair.

Why do women's pants have such pathetic pockets? I do miss the pockets that mens pants have.

Why do some women go bare down there? I was once with a girl who was totally bare. It freaked me out in so many ways. I need a bit of hair down there.

Why do women paint their nails and men don't? As a guy, I used to paint my toenails quite a bit.

Why do women wear makeup? I'm a firm believer in the less is more approach and always prefered girls who didn't wear any.

Why do women find men so attractive? Having been one, I pretty much don't see what the fuss is all about.

Why do women like to give other women small gifts in fancy gift bags, usually over a lunch of soup and salad? Having once been a waiter, I can tell you that servers hate waiting on women more than you could ever imagine.

Why is being a girl so much more high maintanence than being a guy? Ugh!

Why couldn't I make it as a guy? Because I never really was one.