Vote Early and Often

UPDATE: I voted at a little past noon today. In my precinct, I was voter number 289. On a typical election, I'm usually around voter 80 or so. I live in a heavily Democratic area so I would assume this is good news.

As they say in Chicago, be sure to vote early and often. My choices for today's big races...

President of The United States of America....Democrat Barrack Obama

United States Senator from Kentucky....Democrat Bruce Lunsford

United States House of Representatives, Kentucky 3rd District....Democrat John Yarmuth

Kentucky General Assembly, State Senator....Democrat Tim Shaugnessey

Kentucky General Asembly, State Representative....Democrat Mary Lou Marzian


konagod | November 4, 2008 at 1:41 PM

I was very happy to see Rep. Lloyd Doggett on my ballot. We didn't live in his district but now apparently we do. They must have moved some lines around! :lol: