The Honeymoon Is Over

Unlike Republicans, who walked in lockstep with Shrub for 8 years, Democrats aren't afraid to call bullshit on one of their own. Obama is just weeks away from totally owning this financial mess and judging by his plan to stuff money into the pockets of bankers (make no mistake, it's Obama's plan), he seems intent on doing just that. The next couple of months will make or break his administration. If he keeps this shit up, he'll be one and done and the Republicans who actually caused this mess will ride a tidal wave of populist anger back into power. Fire Timmeh now before it's too late.


konagod | March 24, 2009 at 1:43 PM


I totally agree with you. There's a reason why Obama was my 4th choice among Democrats, and while I like the guy and some of what he's doing, I am afraid of a train wreck with the economy.

As someone on MSNBC said last night, Obama is an agent of change, just not radical change. We need some radical change.