Nobody Could Have Predicted

Lets see, you capture a baby elephant in the wild, take it away from it's family (yes, elephants live in families), bring it to America, keep it chained up all day, beat it till it performs out of fear, use cattle prods and metal hooks to get it to move and perform in a circus, make it give rides to children and then one day the elephant goes crazy due to being miserable and causes 15 kids to be injured. Nope, nobody could have predicted this would happen.

More than a dozen children were injured Saturday morning at the Indiana State Fairgrounds when a circus elephant they were waiting to ride got startled and caused some scaffolding to give way.

I have absolutely no sympathy for any of the children injured but I do feel for the elephant. I am sure that it was beaten once back stage and possibly worse. Anyone who would take their children to the circus and let their children ride a wild animal needs to have their heads examined. Enough is enough, stop this insanity and ban the circus already.


Some Hippie Chick | March 8, 2009 at 12:39 PM

This is really unfortunate, but without knowing the details I think I have to disagree with you about not being sympathetic to the injured children. In my opinion, it's their parents who are responsible for supporting the mistreatment of these poor animals.

Kelly | March 8, 2009 at 8:28 PM

Criticism duly noted and I guess I could have been clearer. It is the parents who need to be held responsible.