The Lame World

God that was awful. Move over Seinfeld, The L Word now has the worst series finale episode in the history of television. Having had a day to think about it, I shouldn't have been surprised, it was a horrible season six, but come on, this was just terrible. Evidently I'm not alone.


JACQ | March 14, 2009 at 11:17 PM

I don't know why it shocks everyone that the ending would be so lame. I didn't want the show to end in the first place. I was hoping to see four more episodes to reach an even number 10. I don't think any ending would have sufficed, in my opinion. There were no promises that a resolution would be reached, anyway.

And you wonder why such lame ass shows like The Simpsons would last so long. I'm so fucking tired of that dumb ass cartoon. It needs TO GO AWAY. It's been around long enough. Then again, it has straight people in it and children who never grow up. What a world, what a world.

Actually, since Missi and I don't even have cable much less Showtime anymore, we just finished watching Season 5 of the L Word from Netflix and have caught a glimpse of Season 6. I'm not disappointed with any of it thus far, actually. I just think it was too farfetched to see Jenny's writing getting as far as it did and then made into a movie. It happened in such a short period of time. Does that kind of shit even happen for real? And the fact that they changed the ending of the movie "Lez Girls" and then the name to "The Girls" doesn't shock me, either. NO one ever wants to think a woman would choose another woman over a man. But it happens ALL THE TIME. Those swingin' dicks out there who watch porn but could never EVER imagine women actually wanting women instead of men would like to stay in their world of denial. Am I going to be surprised when I finally see the ending? No. Not because of the alleged spoilers. But because this is how it goes. The first REAL lesbian series. Someone had to fuck it up somehow. Women can't possibly want to be with other women, and they certainly aren't hot like they were portrayed in this show, right? Yea, dream on, people. I know all lesbians out there aren't butches. There are a lot who are successful and lead normal lives like a hell of a lot of other people. I didn't like how the transgender story line went, either. Couldn't they have made it to be where Max's transition DID become successful? He gets pregnant by a GAY MAN? WTF kind of shit was that???? Like I said, someone had to go and fuck it up. Lord forbid we have a successful lesbian/transgender series. It just couldn't happen, could it? FUCK HOLLYWOOD! They know they messed up this show, and all the fans of L Word are disappointed. I've heard their voices.

I'm getting the t-shirt that says I killed Jenny Schecter. Bastards!

*Sighs as she steps off soap box*