We Mock Them Because It Is So Easy

As is usually the case, Atrios is right when he says that the Villiage Idiots are always shocked to find that they are being mocked. They live in a different world than us and as a result, they are so out of fucking touch that they have no idea that what they are saying, writing and doing is mock worthy. They truly are an amazing group of people and our discourse would be so much better were they to simply disappear from the face of the Earth. Anyways, here's Atrios:

It's Only Real If It's On The TeeVee

Or perhaps in the pages of a handful of elite publications. Or, perhaps, only real if one of Joe Scarborough or Jim Cramer's happen to see it. That's the conclusion I draw from watching these much mocked individuals being shocked to find they're being mocked.

I'm reminded of the time when Maureen Dowd was shocked to discover that people were criticizing the fact that she'd written the 4 millionth column making the point that Democrats are women unless they're women in which case they're men. People had been criticizing her for years, but not where her friends could see it.

For those who don't know, the amazing Digby was the first to use the term Villagers. It has come to mean those who live inside the Washington Beltway, in the Penthouses of New York and the media and politcal class in general. A good list of villagers would include:

1. Chris Matthews
2. Jim Cramer
3. Howard Fineman
4. Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Charles Gibson and any other nightly news anchor
5. David Gregory is a serious Villager
6. Maureen Dowd
7. Frank Hiatt of the Washington Post
8. Cookie Roberts
9. David "The Dean of Villagers" Broder
and the all time honorary Villager, though recently deceased...
10. Tim "Big Russ" Russert

They are truly idiots and so we mock them.