A Glorious Day in the City

Wow, what a day, temperatrues in the low 70's and not a cloud in sight. Living in the city, and I mean IN the city not out in the burbs, offers one so many more opportunities for enjoying life and all that it has to offer. Louisville is very fortunate to have a very vibrant urban core with amazing urban neighborhoods that are full of life and today I hit 3 of them. Here's a rundown of how Mom and I spent the day...

1. Slept till noon, enough said.

2. We went to Edenside Gallery in the Highlands (my neighborhood) to let Mom pick out the ring she wanted for Mothers Day. Found it.

3. Had a great lunch at O'Sheas Irish Pub and dined al fresco in the fountain patio under the shade trees.

4. Went to the Blue Dog Bakery in Crescent Hill to pick up a few things.

5. Headed down to Butchertown to do some shopping at Work The Metal, a cool little shop owned by the boyfriend of the guy who does my hair. Bought a pair of earrings and a candle.

6. Back to the Highlands and a double scoop of chocolate brownie ice cream at Graters. We sat outside and watched the crowds walk by on Bardstown Road.

7. Caught the last hour of Pole Day for the Indy 500. By the way, Helio Castroneves will start on pole for the biggest spectacle in racing. I'll be there by the way.

8. Took an hour nap.

9. Went for a walk with the dogs.

10. Lounging on the sofa with the windows open a pleasant breeze rolling in.

Yes, life in my city is pretty damn good.