John Locke Is Still Dead Part 2

Okay, I'm a day late but I just didn't have the energy to do much of anything last night much less wrack my brain over something as complex and mind shattering as LOST. So, let's get going again with my second take on the state of LOST...

4. James "Sawyer" Ford- Life in Dharmaville was good to Sawyer. He finally found himself, landed a steady job, got a nice home and shacked up with by far the hottest woman on Lost, the amazing Juliet. So what if he was stuck in the 1970's? He already had the long hair and I'm pretty sure that he was quite fond of the funky weed that was oh so popular back then. Alas, it all came crashing down on him when Jack, Hurley, Sayid and most importantly, Kate came back in time to spoil everything he had built. Jack was clearly taken aback to see that Sawyer was now the one calling the shots and that damn Kate, a beauty herself, just couldn't help getting in the way of Sawliet. Of all the characters on LOST, Sawyer, by being stuck in Dharmaville, had made the most of being given a second chance.

When we last saw Sawyer, he had just lost his true love down the SWAN hole. It wasn't hard to see that the loss of Juliet, and I do think she is gone forever (more on that later), will turn Sawyer once again to the Dark Side. He's now lost the three most important people in his life to very troubling experiences and it just might be enough to finally break him. I hope not, I really do, the new Sawyer, especially when things were right with Juliet, was the kind of person we all want to have as friends, but I suspect that when next season opens and he finds himself in 2007, he's going to be very pissed off.

5. Juliet- Ever since we first met Juliet, I've been a huge fan. Of all the characters introduced after the original cast, only Ben and Desmond have been more interesting to me. I fell in love with her when she showed Jack the video she made explaining what was happening on the island. Pre-Dharmaville, Juliet only wanted to get back home, but each time we thought she might make it, something whacked her back to the Island. Along the way we couldn't be sure if she was in love with Jack or Sawyer and though I thought she would end up with Jack, I was clearly wrong. Her heart belongs to Sawyer and sadly, she couldn't hold on to his hands and took it upon herself to detonate Jughead. I hope she's back, but seeing as how Jacob didn't come to see her pre-Island, I just can't shake the feeling that she's joined Charlie and the others on the other side of life.

6. Sayid- I think one of the most amazing scenes in last weeks finale was Jacobs brief encounter with Sayid and Nadia. Jacob distracted Sayid just long enough to allow Nadia to be killed, thus sending Sayid on a path of violence working for Ben and ultimately helping to bring him back to the Island. I loved how Sayid told Jack that nothing can save him as he seemed to be expressing his belief that nothing could atone for the evils that he had done in his life. Unlike Daniel Faraday, Sayid didn't die before Jughead let loose so look for him to be back on the Island in 2007. The question is, will Ben remember that Sayid shot him when he was a child? No.

7. Kate Austin- Dear Kate, what are we going to do with you girl? I used to love her character but the past two seasons have really soured me on Kate. She's become incredibly whiny and her love/hate relationship with Jack is maddening. Those two have no business being on the same planet together yet alone being together as a couple. They are toxic for one another and everyone around them knows that. Let's hope she does the right thing and stays away from both Sawyer and Jack but knowing Kate, she'll somehow get involved in another love triangle.

8. Desmond- When we last saw Des, he was in the hospital after having been shot by Ben. His encounter with Eloise Hawkings at the church was creepy as Hawkings last words to Desmond as he stormed off vowing never to return to the Island were "the islands not through with you yet Desmond." To which I said of course not, he's always been the key to everything. For 3 years, Desmond duitfully punched those damn numbers only to be late one day and thus bringing down Oceanic flight 815. Finally freed of that duty when Locke blew the lid on the hatch, Desmond will I suspect, be back in that hatch, once again pushing the numbers. Why? Because the nuclear explosion set off by Juliet and team will turn out to be the Incident that Chang was talking about in the orientation video for the SWAN station.


JACQ | May 17, 2009 at 10:59 PM

You know, I always meant to watch this show when it first came out but I never did. It just seemed to drag on and on, though. Just like one of those daytime soaps.

Henry | May 24, 2009 at 5:53 PM

I will have to disagree on Desmond pushing the button again. That implies everything will be exactly the same after setting off Jughead. The incident was already occuring before Juliet set it off. Something has got to be different, but ofcourse the island will probably be involved. I enjoyed reading! I LOVE LOST!