John Locke Is Still Dead

We finally get to meet the fabled Jacob and I think he's just dreamy.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around last nights season finale of LOST. This amazing season solidified my perception that LOST is the best television series ever and is once and for all proof that the idiot box isn't so stupid. The writers took the show to a whole new level this year and though I hope I'm wrong, I just don't see how they can possibly top what happened these past five months, so great was the story. So, without further ado, here's my feeble attempt to figure out what the hell is happening on our favorite little island...

1. John Locke- Along with Desmond Hume and Benjamin Linus, John Locke has always been my favorite character on the show. His death last season and supposed resurrection this year brought the old Locke back as The Man of Faith finally seemed to understand his role on the island. Locke was once again sure of himself and the island that he called home. He had Richard and Ben dutifully following his orders and his revelation that he was coming to kill Jacob was a stunner. That we would find out that Locke was still dead simply blew the lid off of things. As Ben said to Sun, "dead is dead".

2. Jack Shepard- The good doctor has finally come full circle. The "man of science" is now the "man of faith". Like Locke in the first four seasons, Jack now believes that the island brought him there for a reason. The question now becomes, was his faith in the words of Daniel Faraday and Jughead warranted? Will the explosion of a certain thermonuclear bomb result in flight 815 landing at LAX like it was supposed to or will it be the incident that that Dr. Chang talks about in the Swan Station, the one that would cause Desmond to spend 3 long years typing in those damn numbers, the one that brought down flight 815 when Desmond didn't make it back in time? My guess? The Oceanic 6, along with everyone else, will wake up on the island in 2004 having just crashed on the island.

3. Benjamin Linus- The bug eyed menace looked miserable playing second fiddle to fake Locke and I loved every minute of it. The one time leader of The Others, Ben was revealed to be even more complex than we already suspected. We found out that he wasn't supposed to be the one to move the island, Locke was. We found out why Ben and Charles Widmore hate each other so much. We found out that Ben doesn't like taking orders and most of all we found out that Ben had never met or seen the fabled Jacob. Perhaps the best part was finding out that Ben could be manipulated, being asked by fake Locke why he wouldn't want to kill Jacob, as easily as he manipulated everyone else.

Part 2 coming tomorrow with Part 3 coming this weekend.