Who Killed Jenny?

SPOILER ALERT, though the title of this post pretty much gives it away.

In an interesting twist to the final season of The L Word, Showtime has let it be know that everyones favorite lesbian bitch, Jenny Schecter, gets what's coming to her. I'm not quite sure how this will play out, perhaps the season premiere will find her murdered with the following episodes going back in time to lead up to the big event. Regardless, the storyline promises to be a rather juicy one. So, who do I think killed Jenny? Tina Kennard but what the hell do I know, I just watch.

To vote on who you think killed Jenny, click here and be sure to let me know who you think did it.


JACQ | January 8, 2009 at 4:24 PM

First of all, I'm not worried about any spoilers, because we're beyond that at this point. We don't have Showtime, so we end up buying the seasons on dvd. Then we loan them out.

I'm pissed. So pissed. Jenny should have been disposed of instead of Dana. (Aren't I so nice... :lol: Sorry, but I never liked Jenny. Never thought she was hot. Her personality and total fakeness did it for me.) I don't give a shit who killed her. So how did the bitch die, anyway? She was so psychotic. If they had made her into a better person, I may have had some damn compassion for her. Not everyone has to be bad in a show. Don't we have ENOUGH bad people in this world? Anyway, how did she die? Was she shot, stabbed or what? I'm very curious to know. The last season we ended with was when Tasha was being deployed to Iraq again. So there ya have it.

Kelly | January 8, 2009 at 10:49 PM

Don't know yet, the season doesn't start till next week. Showtime has been running commercials about it for about a month or so.

JACQ | January 18, 2009 at 6:40 PM

I read somewhere that it could possibly be Alice, but Missi and I stopped at Season 4, so we have some catching up to do.

There are no such things as SPOILERS for me. I'm curious as hell to know what's going on, and I'll surf the net aimlessly to find it, until we get the last two seasons. I hate that it's ending. They'll keep the Simpsons going for nearly two decades but take off the L Word on SHOWTIME? Makes no sense to me. Oh the agony! :lol: