I Write More Letters

Hi Chris,

I know you guys are probably sick of me but I just feel that I need to figure out a way to reach some level of satisfaction. Next week will be 11 months post-op for me and as the one year anniversary quickly approaches, I still can't help but feel so disappointed and so discouraged over how things have turned out. I honestly believe that based upon my initial consultation with Dr. Zuckowski and conversations with prior patients, that I had realistic expectations and yet I can only come to the conclusion that the results of my surgery last summer have been far from satisfactory. The physical complications continue to be a real problem. I cannot stress enough how much discomfort I still find myself in. I can't make a full smile anymore, my face feels like it's been stretched to the point of tearing and I continue to have pain with regards to the cheek implants. I've done everything expected of me since the surgery and based upon conversations with others, what I am experiencing is not normal.

As far as the outcome of my surgery with regards to appearance, well, it just keeps nagging at me that after spending nearly $30,000 I have so very little to show for it. I have spent a small fortune on image consultants, hair stylist, makeovers and clothing and yet I still look male in the face. I've discussed this with friends, family, my therapist and my endocrinologist and when pressed for an honest response, all have said that they just don't see much difference. I know that FFS is not a cure all for "passing" but Dr. Z makes a point of how good his results are with regards to giving patients a more feminine appearance. That clearly did not happen in my case, not even close. Again, I'm not trying to be a pain, but it bears repeating that my experience with regards to my surgery has been an utter disappointment and without a doubt, the biggest regret of my life.

I guess what I'm looking for is an answer as to why things have turned out so poorly. I can't help but feel cheated based upon what Dr. Z told me before my surgery. I also want a solution to the physical problems that have dogged me these past 11 months. I hope this isn't asking too much. I look forward to hearing from Dr. Z and I hope that he can address my concerns.